Applesauce client 1.2.0 has been released!

Huge focus on 5.25 disk analysis and .woz generation. Lots of great new features like half track support, flux-level disk editing/repairs, and a new log to highlight interesting things about the disk.

Here are some of the details:

  • Massive amount of work in .woz generation for 5.25 disks. More improvements to 3.5.
  • Detects the proper width of tracks so that protections like the EA fat track are now properly preserved.
  • Support for locating data on half tracks. Doesn’t like interleaved half tracks yet.
  • Lots of additional repair techniques in the Disk Analyzer.
  • Will attempt to resolve custom nibble translate tables. Only currently works on tables that introduce normally illegal nibbles.
  • Logging warnings and protection information to log pane. Lots more work coming on this front!
  • Ability to edit a2r images at the flux level.
  • Tracks that have a couple of sectors with standard markers and others using custom markers is now analyzed correctly more often.
  • Fixed up a couple of issues in the Diagnostics screens.
  • Fixed issue with Metadata Editor not enabling the Save button after changing platform-specific check boxes.
  • Improvements to the mastering analysis stage.

Applesauce client 1.1 released!

The new Applesauce client is finally out of beta! This is a huge update with lots of new features all over the app. The biggest work has been around .woz generation. The 3.5″ woz generation is now completed, including the ability to write copy protected images back to floppy! The 5.25 woz generation is spitting out functioning files, but still has a good amount of work left to do. It is available to download from the Software page here, or should show up in the app as an update.

Applesauce units to begin shipping next week!

As many of you know, we have been waiting on some very specific USB cables which have been on backorder with DigiKey. Good news is they are in stock again and ours are going to be delivered on Tuesday! So, we can finally get the new units tested and shipped out starting next week! Just please remember that we are a small shop that are working on Applesauce after the day job. It may take a couple weeks to get everyone’s orders out the door, so please be patient just a bit longer. Thanks!

Beta version of Applesauce software 1.1 is here!

For those of you receiving your revision 1 Applesauce Upgrade boards, here is a client that will work with them. It is still in beta and I am working through some software bugs. The Disk Editor is currently disabled as I finish some work in there.

This 1.1 client should work with the revision 0 Applesauce hardware, but testing hasn’t completed for that yet. This client will want to update to the new v2.0 firmware. Once that happens, the 1.0.x clients will no longer be able to talk to the Applesauce hardware. So, if it is urgent that your Applesauce be functional right now, I would recommend that you not upgrade to the 1.1 client until more testing occurs.


Applesauce is Available!

After a couple months of delays, the new run of Applesauce units are available for sale! We have received our stock of boards and everything looks good to go! The price has gone up a bit since the last run due to the increased cost of the revision 1 boards and import fees. Head to the Order page if you need some gear.

Applesauce is in production again!

After many weeks of delays in getting test PCBs from the manufacturer, I received and was able to certify them this week. With this sign off, a new run of the Applesauce hardware has begun its manufacturing process. It will still be a few weeks till the PCBs arrive here for final assembly, but it is finally happening. The price will go up a bit from the initial run due to increased manufacturing and parts costs as well as new tariffs, but I won’t know the final pricing until the parts all get here. I am making 250 units for this run and currently have about 175 reserved by folks on the wait list.

The new Applesauce hardware has several improvements and new features over the original. The power supply is more robust now. I have beefed up the output capabilities of the voltage regulators significantly to help it work with more drives that have drifted outside of their specifications over the last 35 years. The power supply also has a monitoring system so that it can now detect any abnormalities in power consumption and adjust imaging settings to compensate. This also allows for much greater diagnostic capabilities to ensure that your floppy drive is functioning properly and is a good candidate for disk imaging.

If you purchased an Applesauce in the original run, I am having replacement PCBs made so that you can upgrade your units. There are no real improvements in regards to 5.25 drives, but I did find that many 3.5 drives require more power than what the original boards can provide reliably. So, if you have a Deluxe model, I strongly suggest that you upgrade your board. I will be making upgrade boards available as inexpensively as possible. The upgrade only needs a screwdriver, no soldering or other technical skills required. If you aren’t confident that you can do the upgrade, you can mail your unit back to me and I will replace the board for you at no additional charge.

I’m also making extra sync sensors available for those of you that expressed interest in obtaining extras to install in a few drives.