Disk Writer


Disk Writer can write disk images to physical media, as well as apply one of several supported disk formats. It can also secure wipe a disk, which eliminates all flux transition information. A securely wiped disk appears to the drive as would a blank disk fresh from the factory.

Note that as disks continue to age their capacity to retain information fades. Some old disks may not store information written to them at all, and others might only retain it for a few minutes before producing errors attempting to read it back.

To open the Disk Writer, click its icon on the left pane of the AppleSauce interface:

Format Disk

The formats available depend on which drive you have connected:

5.25 Disk Formats

  • DOS 3.3: Bootable DOS 3.3 disk with DOS 3.3 operating system image
  • DOS 3.3 Data Disk: Formatted DOS 3.3 disk with no operating system (has more space to store data)
  • ProDOS Vx.x.x: Bootable ProDOS disk with the specified operating system image
  • ProDOS Data Disk: Formatted ProDOS disk with no operating system (has more space to store data)
  • DOS 3.2: Bootable DOS 3.2 disk with DOS 3.2 operating system image
    • You may need to use a utility such as BOOT13 off the DOS 3.3 System Master to boot the disk image
  • Secure Wipe: Removes all flux reversals from the disk, making it appear completely blank to the drive