Applesauce Client Software

The Applesauce Client Software is what you use to work with floppy disks through the Applesauce hardware.

Platforms Supported

The software currently only supports macOS 10.11 or better.

Windows and Linux clients are in the plan, but the focus is still on the Mac client. Many users are successfully running the Mac client in a virtual machine (such as VirtualBox) on Windows and Linux.


Applesauce Client v1.48.1 for macOS – July 30, 2021

Fast Disk Imager

Image an unprotected floppy disk in under 15 seconds.


Flux Imager

High precision imaging of the magnetic surface of a disk.


Disk Writer

Write disk images back to floppy disks.


Drive Calibration Tools

Make sure your floppy drive is operating within specifications.


Disk Viewer

Explore disk images with data colorization to help you visually parse structure.