Applesauce Order Form

What should I order?

Applesauce used to come in two models, Basic and Deluxe. But with this new revision of hardware (rev 2), there is only a single model. All of the various accessories have also now been split off into separately purchasable items. This makes orders a bit more complex, but adds more flexibility for customers who didn’t need all the parts included in previous bundles.

Details about the various bits of hardware can be found on the Applesauce Hardware and Accessories page. You can also find information about floppy drive compatibility on the All About Applesauce page and information about the Sync Sensor options on the All About Sync Sensors page.

Please note that it is extremely difficult to get the raw materials to make Applesauce due to the chip shortage and overall chaos due to COVID-19 and shipping logistics. Therefore there is a limit of 1 Applesauce unit per customer, as well as limits on accessories. No scalpers or resellers!

When will it ship?

Applesauce units are currently SOLD OUT with no new units expected until possibly Q3 2023 due to the chip shortage. If you interested in a unit, you are welcome to submit an order to get yourself onto the wait list. Upgrade kits as well as the various accessories are still available for purchase.

Each unit takes about 45 minutes to assemble, test, and pack so it isn’t a fast process to fulfill orders. I will be shipping orders out every day, but depending on the order backlog it may take several days to a week to get your order shipped. Applesauce is done in production runs and there is a fairly large waiting list. Orders from people on the wait list will be prioritized before non-wait list people.

How can I make payment?

Currently we only support payment via PayPal. Once you submit an order, we will calculate the order total (including shipping) and send you a PayPal invoice. Depending on how busy things are around here, it may take up to 24 hours to create the invoice. The company name on the invoice will be “Evolution Interactive”.

Be sure that your mailing address is correct in your PayPal account because that is what will be used to create the mailing labels. We double-check that the PayPal address matches the one provided on the order form, and will contact you if there is a discrepancy (this will delay your order). Tracking will be provided for all shipped orders.

For orders shipped within the USA, we are using USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes as they are the most economical way to ship for us. Shipping on pretty much every order comes out to $20 with the additional insurance coverage. Ordering just some accessories like sync sensors will go out via USPS First Class mail in a padded envelope for $4.50 if it fits (takes about a week to arrive). If your order is too large to fit in the padded envelope (or if you just want your parts quickly), then a USPS Small Flat Rate box will be used for $9.00.

Shipping an Applesauce to Canada is $50 and everywhere else is $70, except for Australia that currently requires USPS Express service that costs $80. Ordering just some accessories like sync sensors will have actual shipping cost calculated.

To place your order, follow one of the links below:

Domestic Shipping
For orders within the United States. Orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail, fully insured.

International Shipping
Any deliveries outside of the United States should use this option. Orders will be sent via USPS Priority Mail International.