Applesauce Order Form

What should I order?

The Applesauce hardware comes in two models, Basic and Deluxe.

Basic ($225) includes everything that you need to connect an Apple Disk II floppy drive (which you provide) up to your computer. This is what you need to image Apple II 5.25″ floppy disks. If you plan on working with commercial (copy protected) disks, then a Sync Sensor Kit is strongly recommended (it is required for flux imaging). The Sync Sensor Kit is installed into a Disk II drive and is not a quick task to switch it to a different drive. If you want to have multiple drives ready to use with Applesauce, then you may find that you need additional Sync Sensor Kits.

Deluxe ($285) includes everything you need to connect an Apple Disk II, Apple 5.25 Drive or Apple 3.5 Drive up to your computer. This allows you to image everything the Basic model does and adds the ability to read/write 3.5″ Macintosh (400/800K) and Apple II (800K) disks. There is a separate Sync Sensor Kit for 3.5″ drives. It is highly recommended, but not required.

Both the Basic and Deluxe include an AC/DC power adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz) that has a US plug. You may need an AC plug adapter (not included) depending on your country.

When will it ship?

We have Applesauce units in stock and available immediately. Most orders ship within 24 hours of payment.

How can I make payment?

Currently we only support payment via PayPal. Once you submit an order, we will calculate the order total (including shipping) and send you a PayPal invoice. Depending on how busy things are around here, it may take up to 24 hours to create the invoice.

Be sure that your mailing address is correct in your PayPal account because that is what will be used to create the mailing labels. Tracking will be provided for all shipped orders.

Upgrades for existing Applesauce owners.

If you already own an Applesauce, you can order a new revision 1 board to update your existing hardware. The installation is pretty straightforward and only requires a screwdriver, no soldering or other technical skills are needed.

To place your order, follow one of the links below:

Domestic Shipping
For orders within the United States. Will be sent via USPS Priority Mail.

International Shipping
Any deliveries outside of the United States should use this option. Orders will be sent via USPS Priority Mail International.