Getting Started documentation coming later today.

All of the Applesauce units have shipped out. I’m a bit behind in getting the Applesauce setup documentation posted due to being at KansasFest. I’ll have it up later today. The most important thing to know is that the ribbon cable for the disk drive should point downward. You should also unplug the USB connection from your computer whenever you are attaching or removing any cables.

All Applesauce units are built and tested!

Everything is ready to go! Bandy will be shipping out units over this coming week while I am at KansasFest. Please be patient as it is a ton of work to get everything packed and out the door. Many thanks to everyone that has supported getting us to this point. Anybody that would like to get on the waiting list for the 2nd run, just use the contact form at the link at the top of the page.

Here we go!

If you are on the wait list for the first run of Applesauce, then you should have an email waiting for you. After a couple weeks of delays from the manufacturer, I finally have confirmation that they have shipped the PCBs to me. This was what I was waiting on before I felt comfortable to collect money from folks. There will be a lot of assembly going on around here this coming week. I am expecting to be shipping out units July 13-27.