Busy Moving

Please forgive the poor response time over the next couple months (as well as the last couple). I’m in the process of moving to a new home and therefore not online very much. Things will be back to normal in November or December.

Meanwhile I have been getting lots of interesting things together. Prototype sync sensors for the 5.25 half height Apple drives (A9M0104 and A9M0107) have been completed and are awaiting production. Also a new sync sensor specifically for the earlier Shugart-based Disk II drives is on the way.

I am also hoping to have client software version 1.39 released very soon. Many new features and improvements are coming!

If you are interested in an Applesauce FDC, feel free to fill out an order form. I am completely sold out currently and the order form will indicate that. But I am using these orders as a wait list for another production run. No ETA yet on when that will be able to happen.