Release 1.45

Lots of improvements have been made to the Disk Analyzer to make the exploration of disk images easier with more power at your fingertips. Also took a bit of a jaunt into the world of Atari 8-bit disks.

  • Rebuilt the Logical Block view in the Disk Analyzer. It now displays things like the filename and purpose of the sector if known. The arrows on the right side of the block header can be used to jump to the previous and next block of the file.
  • New Go… command (under the Analysis menu) will let you jump to anywhere on the disk. There is a optimized Go screen for each of the Nibbles, Physical Sectors, and Logical Blocks views. The Logical Blocks view also shows a list of Bookmaks for common disk structures like directories in order to make them easier to inspect.
  • When viewing a file from the Disk Analyzer, you now have the option to save the file. This will let you save individual files from disk images. You not only can save the file, but if Applesauce understands the format of the file then it can also convert the file. You can output a program listing of an Applesoft file instead of just the binary data. It can also convert text files to modern UTF8 text files. If you are interested in Mac resources, you can export a resource fork as a resource file, or even have it extract all of the individual resources and save as separate files.
  • Improved support for Atari 8-bit disks. Fast Imaging of single, enhanced, and double densities should now be working properly. Better recognition of disks eligible for saving into ATR format as well.
  • Improved the display performance of the Disk Analyzer.
  • Fast Imager eligible save format lists now allow more options based on disk geometry.
  • More performant handling of empty sectors for Apple DOS 3.2 and earlier.
  • Physical Sectors view was not always showing the correct epilogue markers. Fixed.
  • When using the Files view in the Disk Analyzer, you can now press the Return key to open the currently sected file. The sector map on the left side of the pane can also be clicked to jump to a logical block.
  • Improved support for 800K MFS and Lisa Monitor disks.
  • Changed Find in Files to require double-clicking file to open instead of just selecting it.
  • Metadata Editor wasn’t properly reflecting the Mac color depth setting. Fixed.
  • Fixed visual glitch where exporting a disk in DSK, DO, and PO format would sometimes show more bad sectors than actually existed.
  • Fixed various crashes and cleaned up some small UI bits.

Searching for client release 1.44

The theme of this release is Searching.

A new Find command has been added to the Disk Analyzer. It will allow you to search Nibble Streams, Sectors, Blocks, and Files for Hex or Text strings. The Hex search also supports wildcards by replacing any nybble with a ? character (ex: D5 A? 96) Text search is case insensitive and supports Apple II high bit characters. For nibble searches, you can add a + character to require that hidden timing bits must exist after the nibble. (ex: FF+D5) It also allows you to search for desynchronized nibbles.

If you are having issues with a drive not being properly detected, there is a new “Which drive is connected?” item in the Help menu. It will show logs for the detection process that Applesauce used. Hopefully it will help people more easily discover why a drive fails to connect.

Firmware update to add support for more Apple SuperDrive 3.5 models.

Client Release 1.43

This release is mainly cleanup of the current bug list. Please watch your step, lots of squashed bugs around here. Maybe a new feature or two as well.

  • Added file system support for Lisa Monitor.
  • Preliminary support for loading DiscFerret DFI images for single-sided 5.25 disks.
  • Improved geometry calculations for disks that lie about sector numbers.
  • Improved data repair by looking at more neighboring tracks.
  • Fixed: Flux Imager saving could sometimes encounter errors when saving as illegal filenames, and then it won’t let you save at all.
  • Better filtering of illegal volume names on FAT12 disks.
  • Fixed: Disk Analyzer wasn’t properly enabling the Save function after a metadata edit.
  • Fixed: The Commodore Load string metadata wasn’t properly displaying in the metadata editor.
  • Enable Compare/Repair button in Disk Analyzer only if a disk has valid geometry.
  • Cleaned up 5.25 Diagnostics tests.
  • Fixed: Disk Writer 3.5 would ALWAYS sync a disk if a sync sensor was found. It will now respect the Force Sync checkbox.
  • Fixed: Exporting an oddball 800K MFS disk now works properly.
  • The usual cleanup of small UI issues and bug fixes.