Client Release 1.43

This release is mainly cleanup of the current bug list. Please watch your step, lots of squashed bugs around here. Maybe a new feature or two as well.

  • Added file system support for Lisa Monitor.
  • Preliminary support for loading DiscFerret DFI images for single-sided 5.25 disks.
  • Improved geometry calculations for disks that lie about sector numbers.
  • Improved data repair by looking at more neighboring tracks.
  • Fixed: Flux Imager saving could sometimes encounter errors when saving as illegal filenames, and then it won’t let you save at all.
  • Better filtering of illegal volume names on FAT12 disks.
  • Fixed: Disk Analyzer wasn’t properly enabling the Save function after a metadata edit.
  • Fixed: The Commodore Load string metadata wasn’t properly displaying in the metadata editor.
  • Enable Compare/Repair button in Disk Analyzer only if a disk has valid geometry.
  • Cleaned up 5.25 Diagnostics tests.
  • Fixed: Disk Writer 3.5 would ALWAYS sync a disk if a sync sensor was found. It will now respect the Force Sync checkbox.
  • Fixed: Exporting an oddball 800K MFS disk now works properly.
  • The usual cleanup of small UI issues and bug fixes.