Client Release 1.42.1

I’m finally getting settled in some new digs and once again have some office space to get coding done. I’ve been able to carve out a bit of time to knock some tasks from my todo list for Applesauce. One of the bigger items that has been on the list for quite a while is writing to 3.5″ HD (1.44MB) disks. I’m happy to report that it is now completed! It will of course require that you are using an Apple SuperDrive (or a Sony MFD-75W-01G mechanism from a Mac stuffed into the normal 800K enclosure).

Anyway, here are the release notes for v1.42.1:

  • Lots of UI cleanup work to Disk Writer 3.5.
  • Ability to write 1.44MB 3.5″ disks.
  • Lots of UI cleanup in Disk Analyzer, like fixing cut off log messages.
  • Improved contrast in hex view of disk comparisons.
  • Changing platform tab in Metadata Editor didn’t correctly allow you to save. Fixed.
  • Improved detection of Lock-It-Up copy protection.
  • Improved detection of Atari and Commodore disks when exporting/saving.
  • Vastly improved loading/analysis/export of many EDD files.
  • Fixed an issue with WOZ 1.0 loading that prevented exporting to other formats.
  • Fixed crash when dealing with Apple Pascal files that are zero blocks long (illegal).
  • Fixed issue with saving A2R files after editing metadata.
  • Fixed crash when loading some malformed WOZ files.
  • This release underwent a significant amount of refactoring internally.

I also noticed that I didn’t make a post here about v1.41. There was some good stuff in that release as well:

  • The Disk Analyzer can now perform sector-level comparisons of disk images. And if the disks are using a file system that Applesauce recognizes, then it will also allow file-level comparisons. Have 2 images of the same product and want to know if they are the same? This will quickly tell you.
  • Added support for loading IMG files of FAT disks. Loading of DiskCopy 4.2 images with an IMG extension also now supported.
  • Better handling of write protected disks during the Check Drive function in Diagnostics.
  • Fixed an issue where loading WOZ files with an unknown file system would incorrectly export to a sector-based disk format like DSK, DO, PO, etc.

The client can be downloaded fromĀ here.

Lots more new features are on the way! Stay tuned!