Applesauce 1.0.5 has been released!

Got a fairly big update together for this release. Lots of improvements all over the app. These are the big changes:

  • New disk visualization system. There is a new Visualize Disk option under the Tools menu. Better performance and the output file sizes are 30% of what they used to be. PNG files now also contain metadata.
  • Fast Imager has undergone a significant upgrade. It will now allow for light copy protections, like volume number changes and E7 bitstream, to be imaged (WOZ only). Honors custom sector interleaves (WOZ only). Fixed issue with not always preserving the volume number on the disk in WOZ output.
  • Fast Imager can now output .DO and .PO files with automatic detection of ProDOS disks.
  • Disk Writer has been updated to also write .DO and .PO files. The underlying engine has also been improved to be able to write copy protected disks. Writing WOZ files is coming soon.
  • Closing the Disk Editor window while analysis was taking place wasn’t properly terminating worker threads and freeing up memory.
  • Added a Bulk Processor for rendering new PNGs for all of your .A2R files.
  • Fixed UI issue in disk controller window when hiding and showing app.
  • Wrote a brand new firmware updating system that fixes an issue with updates not working for some people.
  • Firmware 1.02 adds better performance for some functions.
  • Several more small fixes and crashes cleaned up.