Release 1.35 is now available!

This has been a big hunk of work! I have completely reworked large portions of the low-level architecture of the client software. The first fruit of this endeavor is that if you have an Apple SuperDrive, you can now image High Density (1.44MB) disks!

  • The Fast and Flux Imagers for 3.5 disks supports imaging 1.44M and 720K disks with an Apple SuperDrive. If you are Fast Imaging non-Apple disks (like MS-DOS), then you can save them as “Raw Sector Image” in order to output as a .IMG file. No file-level validation exists yet for non-Apple formats.
  • Support for loading and saving 1.44MB PO, 2MG, DiskCopy 4.2, and DART (read only) disk images.
  • Updated Applesauce Firmware adding support for MFM flux streams and improved Apple SuperDrive support.
  • Major rework of the low-level flux handling and nibble generation code within the app and firmware. This is the groundwork for many upcoming features.
  • Loading of disk images is now much faster.
  • Fixed rendering of Pascal text files. It was misinterpreting paragraph indenting and showing random characters in its place.
  • Some improvements to the Check Disk function of Diagnostics for 3.5 drives.
  • Lots of performance improvements all over the app.
  • Many small bugs squashed and typos fixed.


This release contains a firmware update for the Applesauce Floppy Drive Controller. When you run Applesauce, it will want to update the hardware. You must do the update in order to use the new release. But, the new firmware is not backward compatible with older client versions.


    • Flux-level repair of MFM disks (1.44MB and 720K) in the Disk Analyzer is still a work in progress.
    • Disk Writer 3.5 does not yet support writing MFM disks.