Applesauce Software v1.0.3 has been released!

A new version of the software is now available. The primary focus of this build was cleaning up bugs in the UI and some functionality improvements.

  • Better power management. Will only turn on power to floppy drive when needed. Will automatically turn off power after being idle for 3 minutes.
  • Added cmd-i shortcut for the Image button on Fast and Flux imagers.
  • Fast Disk Imager no longer saves files info a folder.
  • Flux Imager metadata RAM Requirement now defaults to Unknown.
  • New A2R format has been finalized. Applesauce will still open older A2R files. Bulk format updater coming soon.
  • Flux Imager now correctly obtains write protect status based on actual disk.
  • Fixed typo on MC3470 message box.
  • Calibrate screen now turns off tests when switching to another screen.
  • Metadata Inspector speed improvements. Changed Metadata Inspector shortcut to cmd-m.
  • Disk Editor will enable Save and Save Rendering menu items only after work is completed.
  • Disk Editor will now show bit timings across all reads. The alignment of nibbles still needs some work.
  • Fixed bug where closing main window with unsaved data wasn’t actually closing window.
  • Fixed delay when opening disk images via Finder.
  • Added new Force Firmware Reflash window to recover Applesauce from failed firmware updates.
  • New app icon.
  • Lots of other small fixes and improvements.